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Conceptual dance performance.

The Show is based on the story of Vampire Love for an ordinary girl. Attractive vampires dance and enchant with their power; bright images and make-up create a unique atmosphere. The fragile girl and the world of people talk about (reflects/ represents/ symbolizes) the vulnerability of man and involving into the world of unknown vampires. The outrageous artists of the ballet are intriguing, but they do not frighten, they capture, sometimes they make you smile. Every spectator, who is at the show, is involved in a theatrical performance. Acrobatic tricks, the use of stage props, unique costumes, acting - is interesting for young and adult audience. The performance is for all ages.

Duration of the show: 45 minutes
Number of ballet dancers: 16 people
The show uses stage props

vamp_red&black.jpg   vamp&kris_boys.jpg
vamp_girls.jpg   vamp_d&j.jpg
vamp_final.jpg   vamp_vin_girl.jpg

vamp_dim.jpg            vamp_mauntin.jpg

vamp_balance.jpg            vamp_kris_solo.jpg